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   Cindy McDermott, Author
Working with Really Stupid People: The Relatives, Stupid-isms and Stupid-isms from McD are copyright © 2016 by McD Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.   
Working with Really Stupid People TM      

In this cozy mystery book with lots of humor,  Jill Fountaine is back in her hometown of Dimlit to prepare for her church wedding to Barry Davison. This is her fourth marriage, twice to Barry. She encounters the three leaders of the Women's Altar Guild Society or WAGS who are bossy, snippy and think they know everything there is to know about being a Christian and planning a wedding. Then Jill meets Pastor David, who will officiate her ceremony, and he puts a whole new meaning to the word, "Hallelujah." He's handsome, vivacious and mesmerizing. 

Pastor David convinces Jill to join his mission of atonement and help him shut down an unscrupulous payday loan company plaguing the poor folks in town. Unfortunately, the company is owned by Ronnie Roland, the largest donor to the church, and the husband of Georgette Roland, the leader of the WAGS. As they delve deeper into the payday loan business, dead bodies pop up along the way, and Jill becomes the prime suspect. Her Aunt Olida Wilhelmina and Uncle Verl offer support in their oddball ways, even taking part in an undercover caper. Silly happenings get in the way as Jill solves the crime, yet an even bigger dilemma develops about whether to continue her marriage to Barry, now that the Pastor has entered her life.

This is the fourth in the Jill Fountaine series:
Working with Really Stupid People: The Executives
Working with Really Stupid People: The Neighbors
Working with Really Stupid People: The Relatives
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A CPA emptied her bank accounts and her ex-husband sits in jail, charged in a multi-million dollar scam, but Jill Fountaine is determined to make things right. With her life savings drained to zero, Jill is forced to take a job at Deep Pockets Bank and Trust. But she discovers this employer hasn’t painted an accurate picture of her new workplace. The bank is embroiled in a huge scam and her ex-husband, the love of her life, is right in the middle of the trouble.

Jill teams with a motley crew of offbeat friends and co-workers to solve the case. Her oddball neighbors moonlight as bumbling private investigators. Janitors clean floors while eavesdropping on corner-office conversations. An IT expert dresses in feline costumes and catnaps in coffins as she commands the bank’s massive computer infrastructure. With their help, Jill uncovers a conspiracy, loaded with her own stolen money and reaching the bank’s top executives.

In Working with Really Stupid People: The Executives, Jill finds herself in one silly adventure after another as she attempts to clear her ex-husband, while dodging the antics of a desperate group of crooks. She realizes nothing will stop them from pilfering millions of dollars, including permanently erasing her from the picture.

"Working with Really Stupid People: The Congregants" is coming in the fall of 2017. 
Working with Really Stupid People: 
The Executives