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Working with Really Stupid People
Welcome to Commons at the Armpits: the nuttiest place on earth.  
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Working with Really Stupid People TM      

Listen to an abridged version of the first chapter of "Working with Really Stupid People:  The Neighbors."
“Hate them all. At least you’re consistent.” 

That’s the mantra followed by Association Manager Jill Fountaine as she deals with sleazy creepos, know-it-alls, manipulators and “really stupid” people who live in her development. Commons at the Arms, or Commons at the Armpits as she calls it, is home to several hundred people. But her focus right now is on the Blim Pass Condominium Association that always seems to be in turmoil. Follow her hilarious situations as conflicts abound over the things homeowners think they can get away with, regardless whether their perception of right is about as close as the back side of the moon. Scarred by a troubled past that has left her with a quick temper that easily soars into the red zone, Jill attempts to work with these “really stupid” individuals, all the while admitting she’s not much of a people person.  

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